TONIGHT AT THE CLINTON HOUSE MIKE VISCEL and try some proprietor’s wine Prastia.


02 JUN 2017 FRIDAY  – 7:00 –
 Mike will be providing the music this Friday at 7:00

The Clinton House is proud to present our proprietor’s wine Prastia.

Prastia is the culmination of years of labor on the small Island of Chios Greece. Chios is a small island located in the Aegean Sea, four miles off the coast of Turkey.

Greek mythology and the Greek historian Theopompus reference Chian wine as the first red wine, then referred to as “black wine”. Praised throughout ancient Greece, Chian wine was also served at banquets and lavish feasts in ancient Rome.

Preserving and continuing this ancient tradition of wine making, Pete Gialias has brought us a dry red wine, with earthy undertones.  Enjoy a taste of the Aegean with Prastia