Turning 65 in the next couple of months? How about a class called Introduction to Medicare?

If you are turning 65 in the next couple of months and you are spinning your


wheels over what to do, come to an evening class at the Hunterdon County


Division of Senior Disabilities, and Veterans Services building on Rt 31 on


April 4th  , 2016 @ 6:00 p.m. building #1 Senior Center.



Information will explained for what Medicare is and what you need to cover


yourself once you are on the program.  Working and have coverage?  How


does this affect your Medicare?  This evening class will be worth the


information you receive.  Plan on attending.  If unable to attend other classes


will be held in the upcoming months.  Watch for more information.  Limited


seating so please call for your reservation.  908-788-1361.