Veterans Group Provides Second Drop Box At North County Library For Residents To Retire U.S. Flags Properly

During the July 5th Freeholder Board Meeting, approval was given for two refurbished mailboxes to be placed
at two County library locations. Within days of its placement, the Main Library drop box was overflowing with
retired flags which will be retired with the help of Kevin Cahalan and Sam Hall, members of the Marine Corps
League “Hunterdon Bulldogs” Detachment 927. Now a second drop box is available at the North County
Library in Clinton.
Freeholder Director John E. Lanza said, “The community’s response to the first flag drop box was
instantaneous and required multiple visits to empty it of retired flags each week. It is rewarding to see so
many Hunterdon County constituents respecting their nation through the proper flag retirement process.

are truly grateful to our Veterans who facilitated this program and encourage everyone to participate by
bringing their flags, which should be retired, to either location.”
Kevin Cahalan is a Hunterdon County resident and an Officer with the “Hunterdon Bulldogs”, a U.S. Marine
Vietnam Veteran and along with Sam Hall, a co-creator of the drop boxes. Along with collecting the flags to be retired, both Veterans are coordinating the burning ceremony with local fire departments, following
municipality guidelines and observing the U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony regulations.

“Our Hunterdon County Veterans have created a wonderful sense of national pride and respect through this effort. The number of flags was larger than we had anticipated and we are grateful for Kevin Cahalan and Sam Hall who facilitated this worthwhile project,” Freeholder Deputy Director John W. King stated.
Hunterdon County residents will be able to find the deposit boxes at the main County Library, at the Route 12 Complex in Raritan Township and at the North County Library, 65 Halstead Street in Clinton. Residents who would like more information or need assistance finding the refurbished mailbox, please contact email: