A storm system will impact the region starting late tonight and continuing into Friday. Accumulating snow of one to three inches is
possible during tonight into Friday morning. The snow will impact the Friday morning commute. Wind gusts of 20 to 40 mph are expected over
New Jersey and Delaware, with the higher gusts near the Atlantic Coast.


NOT MUCH CHANGE FROM THIS MORNINGS FORECAST, WITH INTERMITTENT LIGHT SNOW ARRIVING OVERNIGHT. BECAUSE OF THE LIGHT INTENSITY, TOTALS FOR THE MOST PART ARE EXPECTED TO BE AROUND 0.5″, WITH A FEW ISOLATED SPOTS POTENTIALLY CLOSER TO 1.0″. PAVEMENT COVERAGE MAY BE VARIABLE AND STRUGGLE IN SOME SPOTS WITH LIGHT INTENSITY, THOUGH THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE AT LEAST SOME AREAS GET COVERED, ESPECIALLY ANY SHADED SPOTS / HILLS. LINGERING FLURRIES END FRIDAY MORNING WITH A LOW IMPACT ON THE A.M. RUSH… ANOTHER DISTURBANCE PASSES SATURDAY NIGHT WITH SNOW / MIXED SHOWERS. TEMPS WILL BE MORE MARGINAL WITH THAT ONE. EVENT SUMMARY START END TOTAL COMMENTS Tonight 11PM – 2AM Friday 8 – 11AM Coating – 1.0″ With light intensity (and March), pavement cover may be variable SHORT TERM FORECAST TO 6PM Sunshine gives way to increasing afternoon clouds. High 36 – 39 | NW winds 5 – 15 mph, turn light and SW TONIGHT Cloudy. Flurries develop towards Midnight, with intermittent light snow overnight. Low 27 – 30 | Light winds turn NE 5 – 10 mph late Coating – < 1.0″ snow likely by daybreak, pavement may be variable FRIDAY Lingering flurries end 8 – 11AM, then mostly cloudy with breaks of late sun. Additional morning coatings possible… Storm total Coating – 1.0″ Highs near 40 | NE winds 10 – 15 mph, gusts to 20 shift N late FRI NIGHT Partly cloudy. Low 23 – 28 MEDIUM RANGE FORECAST SATURDAY Partial sun turns mostly cloudy. High 40 – 45 … Good chance for rain / snow showers overnight (with marginal temps) SUNDAY A lingering early mixed shower possible, then partly sunny late. High 40 – 45 MONDAY Mostly sunny, mild and beautiful. High near 60 POTENTIAL HAZARDS STORM CONFIDENCE Likelihood of Occurrence: L (Low), M (Moderate), H (High) Rapid snow accum (1″+/hr) Refreeze None 15% Blowing Snow Accumulation during AM Rush L Coating – 1.0″ 65% Low Visibility (1/2 mi or less) Quick untreated pavement accum L 1.0 – 2.0″ 20% Long Storm Duration (+12 hrs) Temps during event below 20° — – Ice accumulation (from frz. rain) Long duration (+24h) below 32° — – Sleet accumulation Down trees/limbs/power lines —