The Whitehouse Rescue Squad is responsible for providing complete emergency medical care to the visitors at the annual QuickChek NJ Festival of Ballooning to be held at Solberg Airport in Readington Township. The squad will be on site for the duration of the 3-day event with its Emergency Medical Technician staff caring for the visitors. The squad will have several ambulances, rescue vehicles, support units, and mobile medical units on scene as well as a temporary medical infirmary, which is air conditioned and provides private treatment facilities. Several EMS bike teams will patrol during the festival, all equipped with cardiac defibrillators to provide rapid initial response to sick or injured people. Last year, the squad treated more than 350 patients at the event.


“Typical medical problems include minor lacerations and sprains to the more serious cardiac and heat-related emergencies,” said Chief Jeff Herzog. “Guests are encouraged to prepare for the heat by maintaining adequate hydration, wearing head cover, utilizing the festival’s shade and rest tents and pacing themselves accordingly.”


Residents of the squad’s coverage area will see no difference in the level of care or length of response if they have an emergency. “We have more than adequate personnel and emergency vehicles to handle all offsite occurrences, as usual,” stated Chief Herzog. “The squad will have several crews standing by at their headquarters and at the substation in southern Readington to handle non-event medical and rescue calls. Agreements have also been made with neighboring EMS organizations in the event of a large-scale incident.”


For more information about the squad or to inquire about joining in several available capacities, including non-professional supportive rolls, please call 908-534-2509.