The Whitehouse Rescue Squad faces a wide variety of rescue challenges, such as motor vehicle
crashes, technical rescue incidents, farm rescues, water rescues and entrapments. Providing the
best possible rescue services, with the most favorable patient outcome, is greatly enhanced with
up-to-date technical components of a rescue vehicle.
In 2016, the Readington Township Committee authorized the purchase of a 2017 KME Heavy
Duty Rescue Unit to replace the squad’s 1994 vehicle.
The new vehicle is to be equipped with
advanced rescue tools for quickly accessing trapped patients, such as hydraulic rescue
tools, cutting equipment, rope and water rescue gear, extrication tools, and vehicle stabilization
equipment. At the same time, the vehicle is improved for greater safety for the rescuer, with
such  improvements as airbags, rollover protection and other safety features.
Several years of planning and research
went into detailing the specific equipment and
capabilities needed in a replacement vehicle. Chief Jeffrey Herzog
expressed the squad’s gratitude to the Readington Township Committee, “This advanced unit is another tool in our service offerings to our community. We are grateful to the Township for allowing us to continue to provide the best care possible to our residents.”
Readington Mayor Ben Smith said, “This new rescue truck will assist the Whitehouse Rescue
Squad in providing emergency medical services to the citizens of Readington over its expected
25 year service life. The Rescue Squad is our primary emergency medical responder and this
rescue truck will greatly enhance their ability to save lives.”