Who’s in the County Jail


* Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184

Aguilar Tomas HC34283 MJ/ over 50G hash; mfg/D/D HER/C $10,000ea
Ahlquist Casey HC33230 contempt no bail
Aubrey Jessee HC34250 shoplifting 2; recvg sto; use paraph $2,500; $30,000; $30,000 rspct
Bauer Lori HC33772 Sex assaule; endang welfare of child; causing child harm $175,000
Belles Benjamin 34170 MFG/d/d other $75,000
Bennett Michael HC33901 Shoplifting No bail
Boyd Ryan HC34337 poss of; poss MJ over 50Gh (4 counts) $7,500
Brown Tony HC25614 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Coleman Simone HC34323 agg. asslt. w/d $15,000
Cryan, Jr. John HC33472 assault by auto no bail
Davis Kevin HC34279 MJ/ over 50G hash (2 county); manuf/disp/PO/obtian/possess $10,000ea
Dech Shane HC34330 fugutive from no bail
Drummond Craig HC33747 contempt No bail
Duncan Presley HC34272 MJ 50 G hash (2counts) mfgd/d her/c; mdd her/coke $35,000 ea
Sworak Catherine HC33715 contempt no bail
Dyda Micheal HC31858 theft by unlwf; forgery-fals $2,500 ea.
Edwards Kishon HC34197 poss; mfg/d/d her/c $25,000 ea.
Elias Rome Selvin HC34266 sex asslt; endanger welf $100,000
Fileccia Renee HC29320 obtain / posses no bail
Finazzo Gabriel HC32768 mfg/d/d her/c $100,000
Fiorello Brian HC33122 poss MJ over 50 GH no bail
Freehling Randall HC34232 possess; poss $25,000 ea
Grover Dale HC34011 crim sexu no bail
Hammerston Jordan HC30598 MJ over 50G hash; mdd her/coke $30,000
Hicks Tyrell HC33936 Eluding Leo $20,000
Houir Jeffry HC34047 Robbery; terror act $1,000,000
Hull Brannon HC32380 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Huynh Vi HC34335 theft from; receiving stolen $20,000ea
Jamal Ashem HC33070 theft credit no bail
Jenkins Brian HC34214 drunk or drug No bail
Jenrette Lloyd HC33146 Poss/distrb/manufr No bail
Jones George HC26292 simple assault; speeding $3,000 ea.
Lewis Keith HC26572 hinder own prosecution no bail
Lovett Megan HC31792 ISP viloation no bail
Lowney Tinothy HC27454 resist arrest no bail
Lusk Harry HC34158 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Marin Luis HC34236 fencing-dealing; recvg stol (2 counts); resist arrest;
hinder own pr
$75,000 ea
Martin Barry HC33859 Rcvg stolen; poss $60,000 ea.
McCauley Michell HC30707 Operate motor veh w/ lic. susp or rvkd No bail
Milito Louis HC33953 Theft by unlawful taking; fencing; bad checks $250,000
Miller Todd HC27745 poss of; poss MJ over 50 GH (4 counts) $10,000 for first/last; $100,000 others
Mino Christo HC32847 shoplifting no bail
Mitchell William HC34334 bad checks no bail
Monteagudo Shaniqu HC34129 Conspiracy No bail
Munoz Vill Brian HC34100 Recvg stolen property No bail
Murphy Anthony HC32017 contempt No bail
Navidad Luis HC34178 Sex asslt endgr welf $100,000 ea.
Nencheck MIchael HC33576 crim misc avo no bail
Owens Joseph HC34281 MJ/ over 50G hash (2 counts); manuf/disp/PO/obtain/possess $10,000ea
Pachomow Janusz HC22996 Burglary; theft by unlawful; burglary tools $45,000
Pearce Robert HC34238 obstruct admin; resist arres; possess; manuf $30,000 ea
Pellechio Natalie HC31780 simple assault no bail
Pustelniak John HC333626 under influen No bail
Ramierez Alexand HC31642 burflary -ente No bail
Rivera Joel HC34336 fugitive from no bail
Sanders Lindsay HC34324 MJ over 50G hash $10,000
Soja Logan HC34138 sex asslt $150,000
Standera Eric HC22970 mfg; dist;dis;and drunk or drug $15,000; $1,500 rspctvly
Stevens Jonathan HC25183 contempt no bail
Thacker Kerry HC34003 Eluding leo; poss cds; mfg/dist/disp cds/poss weapon; unlawful poss of weapon; certain person not to have weapon $50,000
Tillett II Ronald HC27767 poss; $5,075
Torres Stalyn HC33799 eluding law enfrc officer while operat mtor vhcl on str. or water no bail
Troia Tomasso HC27296 burlary-ente $15,000
Vajdic Jeffrey HC34270 manufacture/d $25,000
Vandergrif Kimberly HC33617 shoplifting; driving on no bail; driving on rspcvly
Vannatta James HC34242 drive vehicle; theft by unlwf; theft by decep $5,000 ea
Waln Anthony HC31742 shoplifting; driving $150,000/$750 rspctvly
Walen Michael HC27809 burglary-ente; theft by unlaw $5,000 each
Weaver Joseph HC34325 Mj over 50G hash $10,000
Wickel William HC31012 calling 9-1-1 no bail
White Donovan HC34308 contempt $5,000