WHo’s in the County Jail


* Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184

Aguilar Tomas HC34283 MJ/ over 50G hash; mfg/D/D HER/C $10,000ea
Ahlquist Casey HC33230 contempt no bail
Alvarado Orlando HC34374 poss. CDS-3 $25,000
Bauer Lori HC33772 Sex assaule; endang welfare of child; causing child harm $175,000
Brown Tony HC25614 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Cartwright Ryan HC34375 mfg /D/ D other; mfg/ dist/ disp $75,000 each
Cirasa Salvato HC28838 theft – gun $2,500
Coleman Simone HC34323 agg. asslt. w/d $15,000
Cryan, Jr. John HC33472 assault by auto no bail
Davis Kevin HC34279 MJ/ over 50G hash (2 county); manuf/disp/PO/obtian/possess $10,000ea
DeCampos Vanessa HC33931 possession no bail
Drummond Craig HC33747 contempt No bail
Duncan Presley HC34272 MJ 50 G hash (2counts) mfgd/d her/c; mdd her/coke $35,000 ea
Dyda Micheal HC31858 theft by unlwf; forgery-fals $2,500 ea.
Edwards Kishon HC34197 poss; mfg/d/d her/c $25,000 ea.
Elbadway Rifaat HC34377 contempt no bail
Fileccia Renee HC29320 poss. CDS-3 $15,000
Finazzo Gabriel HC32768 mfg/d/d her/c $100,000
Grover Dale HC34011 crim sexu no bail
Hagerty Sherry HC31323 contempt no bail
Hammerston Jordan HC30598 MJ over 50G hash; mdd her/coke $30,000
Heafy Jason HC34038 theft by unlaw no bail
Hicks Tyrell HC33936 Eluding Leo $20,000
Houir Jeffry HC34047 Robbery; terror act $1,000,000
Hull Brannon HC32380 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Jackson Jarrett HC35376 theft by unlaw no bail
Jackson Sean HC33567 agg asslt $10,000
Jackson Jarrett HC34376 theft by unla $10,000
Jackson Thomas HC34379 poss. CDS-3 no bail
Jamal Ashem HC33070 theft credit no bail
Jasonis Christo HC29644 agg. asslt. w/d; weapon poss u; unlaw poss we; certain perso $25,000ea
Jenrette Lloyd HC33146 Poss/distrb/manufr No bail
Jones George HC26292 simple assault; speeding $3,000 ea.
Jordan Cornell HC34373 poss. CDS-3; under influe; fail to make: /mfg/D/D HER/C; weap poss-kni $25,000 each
Linton Danny HC34365 receiving stolen $5,000
Lowe Sir HC33126 violation of no bail
Lowney Tinothy HC27454 resist arrest no bail
Lusk Harry HC34158 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Martin Barry HC33859 Rcvg stolen; poss $60,000 ea.
Mastrian Lindsey HC32125 non-support; abuse of chil $7,319; no bail respctvly
Melitski Michael HC34230 poss. CDS-3; certain pers $80,000 each
Miller David HC34357 crim sex cont $2,500
Miller Todd HC27745 poss of; poss. CDS-3 (4 counts) $10,000 for first/last; $100,000 others
Mino Christo HC32847 shoplifting no bail
Munoz Vill Brian HC34100 Recvg stolen property No bail
Musial John HC33744 poss W/I dist no bail
Navidad Luis HC34178 Sex asslt endgr welf $100,000 ea.
Nencheck MIchael HC33576 crim misc avo no bail
Owens Joseph HC34281 MJ/ over 50G hash (2 counts); manuf/disp/PO/obtain/possess $10,000ea
Pajunas James HC29165 contempt; receiving sto; poss MJ over 50G H $1,500; $10,000; $10,000 rspctvly
Pearce Robert HC34238 obstruct admin; resist arres; possess; manuf $30,000 ea
Pellechio Natalie HC31780 simple assault no bail
Potter Avery 23639 take, operate; receiving stol; elud LEO $15,000 each
Sanders Lindsay HC34324 MJ over 50G hash $10,000
Scheier Eric HC32063 non-support; contempt; alarming cond $10,088; $5,000; $5,000 rspctvly
Shah Rahul HC32542 theft by unla; no bail
Soja Logan HC34138 sex asslt $150,000
Standera Eric HC22970 mfg; dist;dis;and drunk or drug $15,000; $1,500 rspctvly
Taylor Joshua HC34369 agg asault us $35,000
Thacker Kerry HC34003 Eluding leo; poss cds; mfg/dist/disp cds/poss weapon; unlawful poss of weapon; certain person not to have weapon $50,000
Thompson Deirdre HC26959 fugitive from no bail
Tillett II Ronald HC34367 contempt no bail
Troia Tomasso HC27296 burlary-ente $15,000
Vannatta James HC34242 drive vehicle; theft by unlwf; theft by decep $5,000 ea
Weaver Joseph HC34325 Mj over 50G hash $10,000
Wiliams Kendell HC16478 threatens vio; weapon poss u; unlaw poss we $25,000 each
Williams Kevin HC33982 poss CDS-3 no bail/td>
Wydner Colby HC31974 dist/ossess; poss CDS-3 $15,000 each