Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Somerset County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184 or the Undersheriff at 908-806-5542.

Arrington Jamie HC35423 Poss CDS/ Poss Prescription Drug/ Intent to Dist. No Bail
Brown Christopher HC34735 Manufacturing CDS $200,000
Butler Patrick HC35589 Criminal Trespass/ Theft No Bail
Carlo Chris HC34739 Conspiracy No Bail
Childs James HC34735 Conspiracy No Bail
Church James HC35644 Forgery No Bail
Croman Brian HC33165 Burglary/ Theft No Bail
Crowley Brody HC32485 Theft/ Poss CDS/ Conspiracy No Bail
Dangelo Maria HC27795 Driving while Suspended/ Rates of Speed $1,690
Davis William HC35409 CDS Manufacturing No Bail
Delgado Luis HC34421 Obtain/ Poss Synthetic Cannabinoid $5,000
Deo Richard HC35640 Poss CDS/Manu. Distribution/Conspiracy No Bail
Dyda Michael HC31858 Non-Support $53,195
Eaton Anthony HC34059 Poss CDS $5,000
Eyet Justin HC35500 Contempt No Bail
Fahmy Yasir HC34706 Contempt No Bail
Flowers John HC16179 Terroristic Threats No Bail
Fusco Nicholas HC35023 Poss. Manufacture/ Distribution CDS No Bail
Gares Kevin HC28177 Agg. Assault/ Threats to kill No Bail
Gomez Marilou HC35619 Fugitive From Justice No Bail
Hahn Kristin HC26502 Poss/Sell Hypo Needle/Hindering/Poss CDS No Bail
Heston Roy HC35643 Poss. CDS No Bail
Houser Conner HC33432 Endangering No Bail
Imle Jeffrey HC35120 Conspiracy No Bail
Jetter Jr William HC29640 Poss. CDS No Bail
Judah Darryl HC35625 Obstruction/ Hindering App. No Bail
Kolba Michael HC35307 Burglary/Trademark Counterfit/ Manu/Distribute CDS No Bail
Latronica Michael HC27721 Agg Sex assault/ Sex assault/ Endangering Child No Bail
Leon Juan HC35557 Poss CDS/ Manufacturing/ Distribution No Bail
Lopez-Roma Joshua HC35433 Contempt No Bail
Luster III Donald HC27822 Manu/ Distribution of CDS No Bail
Mann David HC35570 Harassment/ Violate restraining order No Bail
Perrone Ciro HC35597 Murder/Agg.Assault/ Unlawful Poss.Of Weapon No Bail
Peterson Lindsay HC35414 Theft by Unlawful taking No Bail
Rivera Johntay HC35645 CDS Manufacturing/Distribute Heroin/Cocaine No Bail
Robles Adrian HC35556 Poss CDS/ Manufacture/Distribution No Bail
Sanchez Maximin HC35579 Lewedness / Agg. Sex Assault No Bail
Sepkowski Samantha HC34951 Contempt No Bail
Skibinski Keith HC35435 Theft of Services No Bail
Smith Travis HC33831 Burglary No Bail
Spiro Daniel HC35588 Unlawful Poss. Firearms/ Hand guns/ assault Rifles No Bail
Stankiewicz Charles HC35635 Removing Price Tags No Bail
Steinbeiser Jessie HC34882 Simple Assault/Criminal Mischief No Bail
Torres Michael HC26390 Resist Arrest/Agg. Assault on Law Enforce No Bail
Vierbuchen Jayson HC34695 Conspiracy No Bail
Wood Chad HC35261 Burglary by Entering No Bail
Worthy Terrance HC35388 Contempt No Bail
Yawger Andrew HC31240 Poss CDS No Bail