Winners of the Eleventh Annual Rural Awareness Scholar Award Essay Contest

Winners of the Eleventh Annual Rural Awareness Scholar Award Essay Contest were announced at the Franklin Township School awards program on June 14 in Quakertown. Rural Awareness member Lloyd Wismer recognized ten students.

Fifth grade winners for 2017 are Madilyn Thompson, first place; Olivia Luciano, second place; and William Peck, honorable mention.

Fourth grade awardees are Brooke Obiedzinski, first place; Tarek Jafri, second place; and Scott Turek, honorable mention.

Third grade winners are Olivia French, first place and Grand Champion; Amber Wronski, second place; Nora Bonacorsi, honorable mention; and Mackenzie Gilbert, honorable mention.

Teachers with winning students are Lynn Johnson, Barry Kramer, Ed.D, Susan Rainaldi, Tracy Strysky, and Jeff Weinhold.

Essays were based on the question, “What do you need to do to be a good, contributing member of your community, whether in your school or in your township?”  Grand Champion French offered sage advice for one so young:  “Living in a community you like and doing whatever you’re good at doing for the town is the right mix,” she wrote. “It’s great where we live because it’s pretty here, but it’s the people who want to do things to make us safe, healthy, smart, and ready for what’s next that make this community work.”

Ten-year-old Brooke Obiedzinki cautions anyone wondering how someone as young as she could possibly contribute to their community with, “NEVER underestimate what a ten-year-old can do! After all, I want Franklin Township to always be clean and beautiful, and to be a place and a community I am proud to be a part of.”

Fifth grade first place winner Madilyn Thompson wrote that she could use her time to help others and share the skills she has with those around her. “Everyone has different skills and talents, so when we come together, we make a better place to live…We must remember to be hardworking, share our talents, and most of all want to help,” she wrote.

Award winners all receive gift certificates to the Clinton Book Shop. First place gets $50, second, $30, and honorable mention, $10. The Grand Prize Winner is selected from the three first place winners and additionally receives a gift certificate for a pizza night at Frank’s Italian Restaurant in Clinton. All entrants receive a certificate of participation. The Clinton Book Store and Frank’s Italian Restaurant generously partner with Rural Awareness each year for the competition.

Rural Awareness is a non-profit group in Franklin Township that is dedicated to preserving the township’s rich history and rural character.  For more details and for all the winning essays, go to 

Rural Awareness Scholars in Franklin Township for 2017 are, from the left: Brooke Obiedzinski, Olivia Luciano, Olivia French, Tarek Jafri, Lenore Bonacorsi, Madilyn Thompson, Amber Wronski, William Peck, Mackenzie Gilbert, and Scott Turek,